We Service All Makes and Models

we fix all types of cars - domestic, foreign, and luxuryWe strive to be your one-stop-shop for car repair and body work in Norwood, MA. While A & A specializes in Lexus and Toyota, we have experience servicing vehicles of all makes and models, regardless of the age. We even service classic cars!

Whether it’s a Ford F-150 or an exotic car like a Maserati, you can be confident knowing our experienced technicians have the expertise to provide quality, affordable repair, maintenance, and bodywork services. Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

“I bought my car from John. It’s a 2001 Corolla, but it runs great. He fixed it right up and made sure it ran well before he sold it to me for a very reasonable price. He’s guaranteed that I won’t need to bring it in for anything but maintenance and that is exactly the case. I trust him because he does great work and keeps his word. It’s a hard thing to find these days, so I’m glad that I know I can come to him.
I will recommend him to whomever I can that needs car repairs, or to buy a used one off of him. Awesome guy!”

DeAnne L., Hyde Park, MA (via Yelp)

We do honest, competent car repairs at reasonable prices.