Body Work Services in Norwood, MA

body work services for vehicles in Norwood MALife happens. We’re here to help you when it does. From minor dents and dings to major issues like frame straightening and engine rebuilding, we can help you get back on the road quickly.

Our body work experts have decades of experience undoing the damage caused by collisions and everyday dings and scratches. Regardless of the type of vehicle, we can provide expert advice and cost-effective solutions.

You can rely on A&A Automotive to make small imperfections disappear and handle major body work quickly and affordably. Our Norwood Body Work Services include:

  • Wheel replacement
  • Engine rebuilding
  • Dent removal
  • Frame straightening
  • Painting and refinishing
  • Chip and scratch repair
  • Bumper replacement
  • Hoods
  • Lights
  • And more

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“I bought my car from John. It’s a 2001 Corolla, but it runs great. He fixed it right up and made sure it ran well before he sold it to me for a very reasonable price. He’s guaranteed that I won’t need to bring it in for anything but maintenance and that is exactly the case. I trust him because he does great work and keeps his word. It’s a hard thing to find these days, so I’m glad that I know I can come to him.
I will recommend him to whomever I can that needs car repairs, or to buy a used one off of him. Awesome guy!”

DeAnne L., Hyde Park, MA (via Yelp)

We do honest, competent car repairs at reasonable prices.